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Where does the quote #alwaysatourist comes from (vol1)

My favorite qoute is #alwaysatourist, I even use it in my logo. It is part of my life and represents me 100%. Through this blog I will share my #alwaysatourist philosophy with you.

From a very early age my restless mother would take her 4 children (+1 or 2 dogs) every free moment she had on a road trip. She would start her Plymouth car with Kip Caravan or our old orange VW camper from our Netherlands base, without a fixed destination and drive toward a new adventure.

These trips have taken us to many amazing places in Europe. Due to our Greek roots we would come every year to Greece for 6 weeks by car of course (through former Yugoslavia!!), camp near my father's village on the beach and experience wonderful childhood long sun-kissed vacations.

In later years this developed my need for travel but also a negative feeling towards any kind of camping, tiny spaces and canned food. Nowadays I love to travel in simple comfort either in Greece (my home base nowadays) or abroad. My bucket list has many places yet to visit and I am grateful that I can travel!


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