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Sifnos - My No. 1 Cycladic Island

An invisible thread connects me to this beautiful island during many stages of my life. It's magic!


Early summer 1987, after an almost 7 hour trip on an old ferryboat the "Georgios Express" (follow the link to read the story of this famous ferryboat, its worth it!), We (with boyfriend) finally arrived at the Island of Sifnos for the first of many times to come.

From that trip I remember the excellent cuisine of the Island with unspoiled ingredients and racing around on an old Vespa to the picturesque Monastery of Chrysopigi for a swim, as well as the atmospheric but "loaded" former Capital village Kastro which is famous for it's circled architecture. The beautiful sunset remains marked in my mind forever.

A decade later, I met an Islander from Sifnos, which made me an "Insider" for a short period. I tasted the island like a local, mostly off-season, with interesting experiences #alwaysatourist in this small and tidy community with their own habits & secrets.

I loved the off season Island feeling with it's beautiful nature in springtime, the fabulous Easter celebration with "Mastello" (try the recipe from Apostolidis Ceramics) from the oven and the atmospheric Epiphany & Revival celebration at the church of Artemona.

Discovering small bays and night fishing with, among others the local doctor Nikos and then enjoying a feast meal with the catch! The former "Seralia" restaurant had the best bouillabaisses and swordfish I have ever tasted in my life! The night life especially in Apollonia was epic in places like "Isidora" and "Aloni" were famous singers would pass occasionally and sing for a small audience while the sunsets at the Cafe Folie Folie in Kamares remains unforgettable.


Mrs. Margariita Sinanidou & Mrs. Frosso Kourbani

Then my "like a local" phase ended and sometime later I met my current husband with whom we obtained an initial spark because we discovered that we both have a weak spot for Sifnos. My mother-in- law Margarita Sinanidou used to come to Sifnos from the seventees with her friend Frosso and would by invitation attend the "Fyrogia Cultural Festival" each August and recite poems of P. Kavafis and other Greek Poets.

From that time on for each and every year up till today I am very lucky to spend at least 1 week on the Island the end of June always surrounded by numerous kids, friends and family from allover the globe.

Happy moments that takes us back every year with some outstanding highlights:

  • First time with our son when he was 4 months old!

  • The re-occuring traditional ceremony at the Panagia tou Vounou our mothers would arrange every year at 7 in the morning!!

  • and-----

  • OUPS......adventures like that time the coastguard and bodyguards of a former minister president saved my husband who decided to go sailing with his 5 m. sailingboat "the Anemos" (meaning wind) when the wind was blowing us of our feet with 10 bf.!


And since Sifnos haunts me (I love that!) and won't leave me, I also show my love and had the pleasure to start creating websites one for a Sifnian Real Estate Agency as well as a beautiful luxury apartment unit in Artemona


Plati Yialos with its crystal clear waters and quiet nights because after sunset people prefer to go to the Capital Apollonia because of its vivid nightlife and variety of restaurants, cafe's etc. My favorite places to stay are the authentic Margarita and Nikoletta Studios, right on the beach and the excellent Tavern "To Stekkie" for local food.


The sophisticated village of Artemona and the Capital Apollonia are beautiful to stroll around in the afternoon as well as a visit to one of the numerous monasteries/churches that the island counts.

The excellent marked walking paths all over the island take you to the archeological site of Ag. Antonios or for walk through the stone paved paths that connects several small beautiful traditional settlements like Exambela. Mor trails from the excellent website Sifnos Trails!

From the dazzling high Ag. Symeon and Profitis Elias to the sereen Panagia tou Bounou, the cosmopolitan Church of Chrysopigi, the little church of Efta Martyron or the beautiful Panagia Poulati church you will not have the time to see all the 356 churches the island counts!

Don't miss the various Saints celebrations in the numerous Churches that Sifnos counts with music and Chickpeas soup.

Do you want a secluded bay for privacy or an organized beach and watersports? All can be found with one thing in common: Crystal clear turquoise waters!



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