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Piraeus, GR where else? #alwaysatourist

The first time that I laid my eyes on Piraeus was in the late eighties. I arrived with the electric railway train into the beautiful station (build in 1869) which stole my romantic heart right away! How could I ever imagine at that time that I would work for 8 wonderful years at one of the oldest shipping companies of Greece: #hml or #hellenicmediteranneanlines. At some point even my office was right below the station's Clock! About this glorious and unforgettable period I can share you thousands of great stories, maybe another time!

My office under the clock!!

Let's focus on Piraeus for the time being. I lived there for over a decade in several suburbs like Tambouria, Pasalimani, Evagelistria and my favorite Kastella. Although Kastella is very touristic near the sea (the Microlimano area), there are many hidden places to stroll around like Profitis Ilias which is on the top of the hill offering beautiful panoramic views. My favorite taverna is "O Kefalonitis" with it's wooden chairs scattered on the narrow sidewalk or in wintertime in the cellar besides the wine barrels. At the legendary rooftop cafe of Istioploikos (Piraeus Sailing Club) I spend many nights, sometimes till dawn to watch the sunrise!

In those years whenever I would find myself at a crossroad and had to make any kind of decision, the medicine was the walk on my personal #pathofthoughts starting from Kastella and ending at the Chatzikyriakio area. This walk especially when it is windy and cold is up till now my favorite and most effective psychotherapy! Whenever I feel blue.... Piraeus here I come, you make me see everything clear and bright!

I was lucky that through my work at #hml and #cruisetravel my horizons were broaden and I had the experience of travelling onboard the epic cruiseships of #epirotikilines and #goldensuncruises. The people I met during that period are all unforgettable and will be cherished in my heart forever.

Piraeus port stands for travelling. It makes you feel great when boarding a ferryboat or cruise ship while bringing you to tears when the port approaches on return and you have to say goodbye to your summerlove! Don't forget to eat the best shrimps, mullet and Greek salad with Feta at #Margaro

A new adding to Piraeus charme is the industrial area at Drapetsona were many factories and small shipyards are located. Some of them are still working and some of them are just ruins. The area has been upgraded very much by the addition of a park by the sea. The artistic surroundings are very special.


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